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Story of Success: Melissa

Dysfunctional. Unorganized. Lost. Scared. These are the words Melissa used to describe her life before New Phoebe House. She had been fighting a long and difficult battle with addiction. The father of her children had been mentally and physically abusive, leaving her homeless and staying in shelters. Moving into NPH, she felt a great combination… Continue reading Story of Success: Melissa

Our Residents · Stories of Success

Story of Success: Franceane

Life was feeling quite dreary for Franceane before she learned about New Phoebe House Association. Her past made it difficult for her to find housing. On one fateful day in spring of 2016, a case manager from New Phoebe House happened to visit an acquaintance at another agency where Franceane was applying for housing. It… Continue reading Story of Success: Franceane

Our Residents · Stories of Success

A Story of Success

While completing treatment a third time, Amanda realized she needed a structured program to support her recovery journey. A staff person told her about New Phoebe House and helped her get an application. She worked long and hard on that application, and in October of 2015, she graduated treatment and moved into New Phoebe House.… Continue reading A Story of Success

Our Residents · Stories of Success

Phoebe Stories of Success: Crystalin

It was summer 2015, and Crystalin wanted to find a safe place for her and her daughter to live together after she graduated from the inpatient treatment program she was in. When her counselor first told her about New Phoebe House Association, she was a little scared – it sounded like a strict program with… Continue reading Phoebe Stories of Success: Crystalin