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A Story of Success

In the winter of 2015, Tarae felt hopeless; she was hungry, scared, and grieving the removal of her daughter from her care. She had completed treatment, but had nowhere to go. Her attorney told her about New Phoebe House, and she was accepted into the program.

Shortly after moving into New Phoebe House, Tarae noticed the positive effects on her life from being in the program. From the bonding and fellowship with the other women at family dinners, to the advocacy from staff that helped her regain custody of her daughter, she was grateful such a unique and holistic program existed. She had been consumed by her past traumas, but learned not to worry about things she couldn’t control. To her, the House exuded love and healing. Even now, living on her own, she still has New Phoebe House saved in her phone as “Home.”

tarae-pumpkinDuring her time at New Phoebe House, Tarae learned how to be a mom. Her daughter was returned to her custody, and her relationship with her daughter flourished. She became involved in the recovery community and helped empower other women in recovery. She found work through Goodwill’s Barista Training Program, and was even featured as a success story. She became self-sufficient.

Earlier this year, Tarae completed the program at New Phoebe House and moved with her daughter into her own apartment. She participated in the Phoebe Forever AfterCare program (which provides subsidies and case management to Phoebes after they complete the program at New Phoebe House).

Today, Tarae is proud to be “standing on [her] own two feet.” She is on her way to graduating from college with a degree in Human Services, and plans to use her skills to be involved and making a difference in her community. She is excited to have her own family, and is raising her daughter to be strong and independent. She is also looking forward to forming a healthy, God-centered relationship to further complete her family.

We are so proud of her!


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