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Acceptance & Support

Things can get a bit heavy working with women who have faced so many traumas; some days are especially tough. On those days, I like to read testimonials from former Phoebes – so much gratefulness. This one was too good not to share:

I’m thankful for the acceptance and support. The long, extended care of financial stability. Also helping me along the way with directions on how to do what I needed to be doing. The positive reinforcement.

I was homeless for four years, in domestic violence, collecting more and more protection orders. Confused. Angry. Fearful. Nowhere to turn. Alone. I was jumpy to affection. My memory is affected from trauma affecting my social skills, humor, and attitude about life. I didn’t know what values were. Or boundaries. I was ashamed. So sick – mind, body, and spirit.

Lovely Mother And BoyWhile here, I’ve experienced life being sober, love , meaningful friendships, peace of mind, safety. All in all, to accept myself. And think of myself as a highly capable woman. I’m mothering my child again. After endless nights of crying myself to sleep, not knowing I would ever be content, emotionally connected, or secure with our future.

From the heart, thanks to you all. God Bless.

That gives us the chills! Yet, it also warms our hearts – a welcome paradox.


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