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Phoebe Stories of Success: Crystalin

It was summer 2015, and Crystalin wanted to find a safe place for her and her daughter to live together after she graduated from the inpatient treatment program she was in. When her counselor first told her about New Phoebe House Association, she was a little scared – it sounded like a strict program with a lot of rules.

Photo Credit: Drew Perine/The News Tribune

Once she moved into the New Phoebe House, Crystalin realized there was nothing to fear. Having graduated from treatment, she was used to the rules and structure, and the staff were warm and welcoming. It was the nicest, most beautiful house she had seen in her life.

In case management, Crystalin  first experienced the positive impacts of New Phoebe House on her own life. Case management helped her to focus on the bigger aspects of life she felt she would otherwise forget about, like her mental and spiritual health. Another perk of being here, she has learned to cook a greater variety of meals.

Living at New Phoebe House has influenced Crystalin’s relationship with her daughter in positive ways. She has learned to be assertive with her daughter. She developed “house rules” for her and her daughter to carry on after New Phoebe House. She watched her daughter bloom socially and start using more words and full sentences. She and her daughter continue to grow closer.

Photo Credit: Drew Perine/The News Tribune

Crystalin has been a Phoebe for almost a year and has an impressive list of accomplishments as a Phoebe – a list that continues to grow. One of her favorite things about being a Phoebe is the camaraderie at New Phoebe House. She has developed many friendships and seen her friends change and grow, as well as herself.

As she looks to the future, Crystalin plans to finish school and work as a chemical dependency professional while earning a Bachelor degree. Ultimately, she plans to become “completely independent and autonomous.”


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